Tips for Motivating Teachers

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Beth Simon

Goleman (2011) states:

The word ‘motivation‘ shares its root with’emotion’: both come from the Latin motere, to move. Our motives give us our aims and the drive to achieve them. Anything that’s motivating makes us feelgood. As one scientist put it to me, “The way nature gets us to do what it wants is by making it a pleasure.”

What keeps your staff coming to work each day motivated with a positive attitude? Have you ever asked? When teachers in early childhood programs are asked what is most satisfying about their job, the answer 9 times out of 10, is the children. In a position where a lot of strides still need to be made to educate the public and parents about the crucial learning that occurs in the first five years, along with leveling the compensation and wages for early childhood professionals, those working in child care can get easily discouraged. How can you prevent this from happening and how can you continue to motivate your staff to remain positive in this sometimes-overwhelming position?

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Get Healthy Philly and First Up

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