Learning Together by Taking Apart


Mary Jo Winter

Having a take-apart station in an early childhood program allows children to learn many new skills. In the area of language, the children learn to expand their receptive vocabulary by hearing new words in context on a regular basis (safety goggles, safety gloves, etc.). In the area of science, the children learn to choose specific tools for tasks by having carefully supervised access to tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. By having access to such tools, the children also learn to develop their fine motor skills. The take-apart station also allows children to strengthen their relationships and use negotiation/conflict-resolution skills, as they take turns sharing materials in the classroom and play cooperatively while there.

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Happy Mud Day

By Jada Avery   Handprints, sculptures, target practice, roads, and even kitchens; it is incredible just how many things one can create using mud. After reading one of NAEYC’s Teaching Young Children magazines, I became
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